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114 Windmill Road, Brentford TW8 9NB | 020 8758 2929

It's not just an oil top up!

Today's cars are challenging to service yourself, let us to do it.

In the past, lots of us serviced our cars because it was easy to do. Now-a-days, when you open the bonnet you are faced with molded plastic. Come to us when you need your vehicle serviced by qualified mechanics. You'll enjoy our dedication to customer service, complete with competitive prices and regularly updated special offers.

Enjoy the benefits of a thorough servicing from experienced automotive experts. We clean your engine, flushing out harmful combustion products, then add a fuel treatment to clean the system and injectors. Our servicing options are quick and effective, with a full service coming in at just over two hours. In a full service we check for:

  • Fluid levels and quality
  • Worn parts and damage
  • Brake and Tyre ware
  • Exhaust and suspension systems
  • System warnings
  • As well as many more

Customers Count Our memberships

We have built our business on recommendations and reputation. As part of that drive to be the best garage in West/North London we are members of Checkatrade so you can check us out there:

Vehicle servicing

Engine checks

A healthy engine needs looking after.

Our technicians are all qualified to the highest standards and know their way around modern engines. Changing fluids and checking levels, Cam belts changes and identifying possible future problems means you know your engine will keep delivering the performance and economy you look for.

Handling checks

How your car handles is important

Damage to car suspension systems is a growing problem in London, pot holes, sleeping policemen and kerbs often cause increasing damage to your cars handling. As part of our servicing we inspects tyres, suspension and steering systems and inform you if a early fix is necessary.

Safety checks

Some accidents can be avoided

Cars have many systems which keep you safe. Brakes that stop in time, exhaust systems to ensure dangerous gases don't build up in your cabin and many others . We inspect these vital systems to make sure they are performing at the required high levels so you have one less thing to worry about.

Reliability improvement

Don't find yourself without a car

Without regular servicing your car could let you down. We have helped many Londoners avoid the horrible feeling of being that broken down car causing a traffic jam (no-one wants to be that person!). An extra benefit of regular servicing with us is improved performance and economy from your car as well as avoiding huge bills.


"After years of terrible customer service at another local poorly run car centre, I was delighted to have been recommended to Conor's. The service and care is excellent, honest, courteous and non-patronising. The place is clean and tidy, and everyone is very helpful. They also offered to take me to a nearby station, something I'd only ever had before at a main dealer garage who would have charged triple the price for everything"

Georgia Wrench

"Really great garage, excellent service and really helpful staff! It took me years to find a garage we could trust I would never take my cars anywhere else. Would recommend to anyone! Thank you Conors Car Centre"

Eva Webb