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Laser alignment for perfect results

Do you seem to be going through a lot of tyres?.

This may be down to your cars wheel alignment. Poor alignment causes unnecessary uneven ware to your tyres requiring more replacements

Conors have a dedicated laser alignment system which allows us to ensure your car is setup to manufacturers original specifications. This will reduce or remove this costly uneven wearing of your tyres.

Black Circles Premier garage

We are pleased to say we are a Premier Garage for Back circles. You can select from thousands of tyres online, order them and come in to us get them fitted properly, saving you the hassle of fitting them yourself as well as pounds:

Wheels & Tyres

Tyre range

A huge selection to choose from

With our connection to Black Circles and others in the Tyre trade we can advise you on the best tyres for your car, your style of driving and the conditions you may face. There is always a perfect set of tyres for you at Conors at some of the best prices you can find in London.

Wheel range

Every type of wheel you could want

If you are looking to upgrade your wheel rims then we can provide the very best advice and range of choices available in London. As well as fitting the right tyres to them, balancing and aligning them if necessary at the fairest prices you will find.

Quality Fitting

Tyres, balancing and alignment in minutes

Our skilled tyre technicians work quickly and efficiently to make sure you get the highest quality of fitting possible. They make sure that their work is safe and secure so you drive out feeling confident that the job has been done well.

Precision setups

Laser alignment for perfect results

For those individuals who really want the best performance out of their tyres and car handling then we are able to provide a full laser wheel alignment service which will make sure you are tracking correctly and getting the best out of your cars handling.


"M&S quality at Lidl prices. The service was impeccable and the price a tiny fraction of what I'd been quoted. I will be using Conors Car Centre from now on and I would highly recommend."

Steve Shanahan

"Friendly, honest, fast and competitive. An excellent garage and breath of fresh air. Highly recommended."

Chris Turvil