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We offer a range of special offers for our customer base, to help the local community during the current economic climate. Our service discounts include:


Large employers or companies running a fleet can contact us to arrange discount rates.


15% off for all students with a valid student ID card (NUS or matriculation).


We support our Forces by offering a 15% discount on our basic service prices.

Car Diagnosis in West London

Do you suspect a problem with your cars engine? Has the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) warning light appeared on your dash board?

Fault warning lights and engine lights can occur at any time in a vehicles life, but if one does pop up on your dash board its important to get it checked or diagnosed - at your local car garage. Some dashboard warning lights are not serious and can just point towards a headlamp bulb that needs replacing, while others can be to do with engine performance. If the latter is the reason for the light, then running a car when there is an engine fault is ill-advised as it can damage the engine further and end up costing you much more to repair. To keep your car performing at its peak, get your cars engine checked if any such light occurs.

Conor's Car Centre provides car diagnosis in West London. We know the importance of investing in the latest diagnostic equipment as currently there is no single tool used in car diagnosis that can work on all vehicles. The range of diagnosis tools we use will help us to locate, identify and resolve your engine problem. At Conor's Car Centre we supply specialist and experienced vehicle technicians for your car diagnosis. With us, you need never be without your car for long.