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We offer a range of special offers for our customer base, to help the local community during the current economic climate. Our service discounts include:


Large employers or companies running a fleet can contact us to arrange discount rates.


15% off for all students with a valid student ID card (NUS or matriculation).


We support our Forces by offering a 15% discount on our basic service prices.

Car Diagnostics in Isleworth

Diagnostic equipment has advanced as cars have become more computerised. Modern cars contain on-board computers that keep an eye on everything, from the engine to the windscreen wipers. If something goes wrong with your vehicle or if a component is not working as it should then the computer will show up an error code which can be read with car diagnostics equipment.

If your car's computer reports a problem with your vehicle, often by way of a warning light on your dashboard, then it's always best to sort out the little problems before they potentially become bigger problems. Are you worried about warning lights on your dashboard? Engine diagnostics is used to determine the problem with your vehicle. As automotive technology continues to become more advanced, technicians need to remain on top.

For those needing a car diagnostics service in Isleworth, at Conor's Car Centre our technicians use the latest technology to perform engine diagnostics checks on your vehicle, determining the problem and finding the solution. For a full diagnostic check of your vehicle, Conor's Car Centre can identify the problem quickly to prevent costly component failures. We can explain fault codes and make suggestions in terms of any necessary repair work and repair costs.